Care Instructions

GK takes tremendous pride in having the best fabrics in the industry, and all our fabrics are produced to meet our exclusive stretch and quality standards. As the leader in performance apparel, it's important for us to share with you the tendencies of certain fabrics, how to properly care for your GK leotard, and which practices to avoid.

Regardless of your leotard or apparel, GK recommends hand washing all garments per the instructions outlined below.

Important Washing Instructions for ALL FABRICS
  • All garment(s) must be washed separately.
  • Turn garment(s) inside out.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent and gently hand wash in a large volume of cold water. Rinse immediately.
  • DO NOT allow garment to soak. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  • DO NOT hang to dry. Lay garment out on a flat surface.
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT dry clean.
  • DO NOT iron.

Notice regarding fragile fabrics - Hologram, Mesh and Nylon/Spandex with Foil (Mystique):

  • Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in our garments, causing the foil on our fabrics to discolor and the embellishments to fall off.
  • Alcohol in all aerosol products, such as hairspray, affect fragile fabrics. Please cover your garment before applying. Perfumes and body lotions can also affect these fabrics.
  • Deodorants and perspiration may cause these fabrics to color bleed, fade, or lose foil, especially when two colors meet under the arms. We recommend the use of pure crystal deodorant, which does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate.
  • Mesh could potentially be damaged due to the rigors of certain routines, where person to person contact can add stress to the fabric. You are free to order this fabric, but do so with great discretion because Elite Sportswear, L.P. will not guarantee the life span of this fabric. If you choose to use mesh in a design, you will be asked to sign a waiver. The waiver states that Elite Sportswear, L.P. will not be responsible for replacing or repairing your garment(s).
  • Color transference or color bleed occurs when a white or light color fabric is combined with a bright or dark color fabric. This is a common industry problem and can become obvious under certain conditions, especially when a light color garment is worn under a dark color warm-up or short, and/or when damp garments are left in gym bags. It is impossible for Elite Sportswear, L.P. to guarantee that our fabrics will not bleed, even by following proper washing instructions due to the individual nature of each athlete's wear/washing procedure.
  • The following is a list of fabrics that may be at greater risk for color bleed, when combined with white or light color fabrics: Berry Mystique, Black Mystique, Navy Mystique, Red Mystique, Rich Red Velvet, and Merlot Mystique. You are free to order any fabric and color combination, but please do so with great discretion. If you choose to combine light and dark colors, Elite Sportswear, L.P. will not be responsible for replacing your garment(s) if color bleed occurs.
  • Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabrics to fade or lose foil.

Elite Sportswear, L.P. will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed. If you choose to combine sensitive fabrics and colors, it is at your own risk. GK may refuse returns on special orders in those combinations.



Gymnastics leotards require special care and washing based on the type of fabric used to create the garment. For clear directions and care guidelines, refer to the GK Care Instructions above


While all GK gymnastics leotards are designed with shape retention technology, continuous wear and washing may cause the fabrics to eventually stretch.


Gymnastics leotards from GK should not shrink if care instructions are followed and adhered to.