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Gymnastics Size Chart

At GK, we’ve been outfitting the world’s top athletes for over 40 years. Through our experience, we’ve learned that the most accurate way to ensure a proper fit is to rely on body measurements. Although an individual’s perception of fit may vary greatly, the GK Fit is scientifically engineered to move with the athlete for optimal performance.

Measuring athletes takes the guess work out of selecting their size. It is quick, easy, reliable, and helps to achieve a similar fit for all team members.


Measuring TapeMeasuring Tape Measurement FormsMeasurement Forms Size ChartsSize Charts

Note: Please make sure that all athletes are wearing fitted workout apparel during the measuring session.

How to Measure

1. Chest: Measure around the fullest part of the athlete’s chest, arms down while taking a deep breath, keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

2. Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of the waist (typically where your body bends side to side), keeping the tape horizontal.

3. Hip: Measure around the fullest part of the buttocks, feet together, keeping the tape horizontal.

4. Torso: Measure from the center of the shoulder, down the torso, through legs, and back to the shoulder. This is the most important measurement.

5. Inseam: Measure from the crotch to one inch above the floor, without wearing shoes.

how to measure

Please use the following Measuring Forms when measuring your athletes for their apparel. The forms will help you organize each athlete's measurements, so that selecting their size is easy and straight forward.

The following size charts have been designed to ensure that taking accurate athlete measurements will result in the correct size being ordered. When an athlete's measurement contains a partial inch, always round up to the next full inch. If an athlete's measurements fall across two sizes, order the larger size. Remember to always make sure that the size chart matches the style you are ordering.

Please use the following style reference guide to ensure that you request the proper sizing set. Sizing sets should be ordered based on which style number you intend to order.

  • GK Gymnastics Sizing Set - Style Reference Guide

  • FAQs


    The most effective and accurate way of sizing for a gymnastics leotard for practice or competition is the use of body measurements. Follow the instructions above to collect your athlete’s measurements and then convert those measurements using our easy-to-follow conversion charts.


    For a Child Large (CL) gymnastics leotard the athlete would have the following measurements: Chest = 29-31in. Waist = 23-25in. Hip = 30-31in. Torso = 49-51in. To ensure the proper fit of your gymnastics leotard we recommend using the GK Gymnastics sizing charts.


    GK Gymnastics Leotards are known for their superior fit that provides optimal comfort for gymnastics training and competitions. To ensure that you are purchasing the correct size, you should follow our guide for taking your gymnast’s body measurements and use our sizing chart to convert those measurements into their GK leotard size.